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Orion Tip of the Month – March

Dear Orion clients and friends,

When we train new Orion users, we try to remember to mention “not” discussing the results of the survey with the applicant or anyone who doesn’t have a need to know.

In the instructions sent to news users, there is a bold reference about this issue.

So, this is a reminder, but also an explanation of why this is important. You are under no obligation, legally or morally, to discuss/reveal the results.

Imagine the response you would receive from an applicant if you told them they were High Risk for Theft. Of course, they will strongly deny it and claim the survey is wrong.

By not discussing the survey results, you simply avoid what would surely be a pointless and aggravating debate. This is the least important reason to avoid the conversation.

No matter the reason, when telling someone you are not going to hire them all you need to say is “you did not meet our criteria.” If you had an applicant who did not have a valid driver’s license, that person doesn’t meet your criteria. If you had an applicant who was 12 years old, he/she doesn’t meet your criteria. If you had an applicant ranking High Risk for Theft on the Orion survey, he/she doesn’t meet your criteria. If you elaborate beyond that, you are opening the door to a potential law suit. Orion has NEVER been successfully challenged. However, it’s not about winning. It’s about avoiding the cost of winning. To avoid the potential of a frivolous law suit, your BEST strategy is to simply NOT discuss the reason that you chose not to hire an applicant with anyone, including the applicant. There may be those within your organization with a “need to know” and that discussion is appropriate. But, those people should be counseled to not discuss organizational personnel matters with anyone else.

Occasionally, an applicant (good or bad) will ask about the results of their survey. Your answer should always be: “It is company policy that we don’t discuss the results of the surveys”. 99% of the time, this will end the conversation.

It’s is also important to note that even if the results of the Orion are positive, you should not discuss the outcome with anyone who doesn’t have a need to know, including the applicant.

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