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The Talent Insights Team Report combines two separate sciences into one comprehensive report, clearly illustrating how each person adds value to a team.

Bouncing between reports is no longer necessary with the Talent Insight Team Report. The Behavior Team Report incorporated with either the 12 Driving Forces or the Motivators Team Report provides the detailed information needed to maximize your team’s performance, all in one easy-to-understand report.

Client Benefits of the Talent Insights Team Report

  • CONVENIENT – Capture the entire team dynamic in one easy-to-understand report
  • EFFICIENT – Paint a complete picture with “how” (Behaviors) and “why” (Driving Forces) combined
  • INSIGHTFUL – Identify areas of need and potential tensions within a group

Potential Applications For Your Business

  • Assist executives with organizational restructuring based on the team report insights
  • Predict future workplace problematic situations
  • Spot trends and dynamics of the entire team to maximize team’s potential
Talent Insights Team Report
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