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Orion surveys have become an important part of our hiring strategy.  We have found them so easy to use and the overall quality of new hires has improved dramatically through their use over the course of the past year.  We genuinely appreciate that you and Bill are readily accessible to answer any questions; we also love how you are reading our applicant results and will occasionally reach out with feedback.

Our company has grown by 51% in the past year and is planned to do the same this year.

We’re only as strong as our weakest link and you need to know that overall quality scores (client’s rating their cleaning visits) have soared during this dramatic year of growth.

This tells us that we are hiring correctly and we honestly can’t thank you enough.

R.D. Jersey City, NJ

The Steering Group has become an important partner to our small business. We’re very thankful to them for helping us see the gaps in our critical thinking and make the right decisions as we scale.

Not only do we receive excellent insight by including the assessments into our hiring process but Bill Gelderman’s sincere commitment to helping those he works with is what makes The Steering Group an invaluable asset to our company. Thanks Bill.

Bill often adds his comments to some applicant reports after he reviews them. I know he has my best interests in mind. I have never personally met Bill, but he has helped my business become the success that it is and I am proud to say I have a great staff and often have staff return to my employ after leaving to pursue other things. Bill knows his stuff and any service based business is losing money by not using The Steering Group.

As the owner of a mid-size cleaning company, we find The Steering Group and the Orion System valuable tools in our hiring decisions. Before, our hiring process was typically just “answer questions” and “check references”. With The Steering Group, if the Opinion Survey comes back badly, we know we need to walk away from that applicant. When we let our guard down and say “lets give this one a try”, 9 out of 10 times we should have gone with the survey results.

I have not had a theft complaint since I stared using the Orion Survey. And, only one applicant that has passed my criteria on Orion (on theft risk) has been flagged for any criminal background history. For that one person, it happened 15 years ago and he also disclosed it on his application. Prior to Orion I was running at about 10% of applicants flagged. Thanks for making my nightmares go away!

We use the Orion system religiously! It has helped us eliminate candidates for employment by identifying those who are not being truthful, those who may have a tendency to steal and those that may not stay long enough to make training worthwhile. It only took us one time of not using the Orion System to realize its value as a tool to justify our hiring decisions. We are a small residential house cleaning company but we believe that using Orion has helped us keep our staffing needs to a minimum and create a culture of happy long-term employees which translates into happy long-term customers!

We have used Orion assessment survey from The Steering Group since Sept 2013. This system has helped us a lot in our hiring process, we would be at a great loss without it.  Thank You Bill for always being a simple call away to help with any questions that may arise and advice on good or not so good hires. 

We have worked with Steering Group for over 10 years in assessing with our leadership team, as well as our new employees. The assessments and the perspective they provide are a critical part of our hiring process.  We would highly recommend working with The Steering Group.