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Job Benchmarking

Job Benchmarking allows us to work with your company to understand certain behaviors, motivators, and skills that are a better for an open job than others. We can then compare assessed candidates to the benchmark.

Behaviors and Driving Forces

TTI Talent Insight reports combine a candidate or employees behaviors and driving forces together to help blend the “how” and the “why” of an individual’s actions.

Orion Systems™

Orion alerts employers to potential problematic behaviors in areas such as theft, workplace drug use, and safety and risk avoidance before a hiring decision is made.

What others are saying

“We have worked with The Steering Group for over 10 years assessing our leadership team, as well as our new employees. The assessments and the perspective they provide are a critical part of our hiring process. We would highly recommend working with The Steering Group.” P.C Atlanta, GA.

When we hire for skills – We fire for attitudes

Selecting, developing, and retaining talented producers is the goal of every business. Jobs are changing and the challenge to identify the “needs” of those “jobs” has never been greater. So why do so many miss the mark, so often? One reason is our reluctance to let go of instincts. Our instincts repeatedly fail us, but we keep marching down that path. The Steering Group, Inc. provides the tools to objectively measure what the “Job” needs and then measure how the “People” meet those needs.

Since 1996, we have helped hundreds of companies, agencies, and organizations “Improve Their Odds” when making critical hiring decisions and succession plans.

Assessments have “Grown Up” and have demonstrably proven to add the missing objectivity to, what was once, a totally subjective process. Improving your odds in hiring is a major step forward to improving your bottom line. Whether your company is product or service driven, we can help you identify the needs of your jobs and the right people to fill them.

Look at the whole person when hiring. Soft Skills, Behaviors, and Motivators

Meet Our Awesome Team
joe Gelderman



Joe Gelderman

Joe Gelderman is President of The Steering Group, Inc. Joe is a certified behavioral and driving forces analyst, and is also certified in the Trimetrix system. These certifications have been awarded by TTI Success Insights, the world leader of fully validated computerized assessments.

Prior to joining The Steering Group, Joe spent fifteen years in the professional sports industry holding titles from Account Executive up to President.  Joe was a hiring manager for ten years while in the sports industry and used The Steering Group’s Talent Insight assessments as a tool in making his hiring decisions.  Joe’s experience as having been a “user”  has proven invaluable to the Steering Group’s clients, as Joe has truly “walked in their shoes” and knows the value of choosing the right candidate for a position. 

Specialties: Employee, Sales and Executive selection. Benchmarking positions. Organizational Development.

bill Gelderman - the steering group



Bill Gelderman

Bill Gelderman is Chairman Emeritus of The Steering Group, Inc., and a leading certified behavioral and values analyst. He is a recognized leader in teaching companies how to select, attract, and retain the best talent for their organizations.

Bill is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst, a Certified Attribute Index Analyst, and also holds certifications in the renowned TriMetrix and DNA Systems. These certifications have been awarded by TTI Success Insights, the world leader of fully validated computerized assessments. His vast experience, coupled with his down to earth approach has made him an in-demand resource for clients of all sizes..

He and his company have worked with hundreds of business owners, leaders, and managers developing highly effective leadership, staff, and sales selection solutions. Bill’s clients consistently experience reduced time-to-hire, focusing on those candidates most worthy of the client’s time and attention. Taking much of the guesswork out of the selection process provides valuable time to focus on other revenue generating activities, improving overall productivity.

Bill’s straight forward style, ability to relate to his client’s often times complex hiring challenges, and highly relevant and results-driven hiring processes have made him a popular and valuable go-to asset for the decision makers of companies he has worked with.

Along with the above mentioned certifications, Bill is a Professional Member of the Institute of Management Consultants and the TTI Chairman’s Club.

Orion Reports Run by our Clients
TTI Reports Run by our Clients
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