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Selecting, developing, and retaining talented producers is the goal of every business. Jobs are changing and the challenge to identify the "needs" of those "jobs" has never been greater. So why do so many miss the mark, so often? One reason is our reluctance to let go of instincts. Our instincts repeatedly fail us, but we keep marching down that path. The Steering Group, Inc. provides the tools to objectively measure what the “Job” needs and then measure how the “People” meet those needs.

Since 1996, we have helped hundreds of companies, agencies, and organizations “Improve Their Odds” when making critical hiring decisions and succession plans.

Assessments have “Grown Up” and have demonstrably proven to add the missing objectivity to, what was once, a totally subjective process. Improving your odds in hiring is a major step forward to improving your bottom line. Whether your company is product or service driven, we can help you identify the needs of your jobs and the right people to fill them.

Look at the whole person when hiring. Soft Skills, Behaviors, and Motivators

When we hire for skills – We fire for attitudes

-Bill Gelderman, President

Maximize Human Capital
Orion Client Entrance

Meet the President

Bill Gelderman is President of The Steering Group, Inc., and a leading certified behavioral and values analyst. He is a recognized leader in teaching companies how to select, attract, and retain the best talent for their organizations.

Bill is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst, a Certified Attribute Index Analyst, and also holds certifications in the renowned TriMetrix and DNA Systems. These certifications have been awarded by Target Training International Ltd., the world leader of fully validated computerized assessments. His vast experience, coupled with his down to earth approach has made him an in-demand resource for clients of all sizes..

He and his company have worked with hundreds of business owners, leaders, and managers developing highly effective leadership, staff, and sales selection solutions. Bill’s clients consistently experience reduced time-to-hire, focusing on those candidates most worthy of the client’s time and attention. Taking much of the guesswork out of the selection process provides valuable time to focus on other revenue generating activities, improving overall productivity.

Bill’s straight forward style, ability to relate to his client’s often times complex hiring challenges, and highly relevant and results-driven hiring processes have made him a popular and valuable go-to asset for the decision makers of companies he has worked with.

Along with the above mentioned certifications, Bill is a Professional Member of the Institute of Management Consultants and the TTI Chairman’s Club.


Your success is our success.

Please take a look at these sample reports to see how we can make your business more successful through finding, developing, and retaining the right team for your needs. As you consider these various tools, bear in mind that we will work with you to select the tools that best meet your unique requirements. Further, the reports are not the end. We will debrief the reports with you, pointing out areas not covered in the written document and discussing them in terms of how they relate to your “real world” environment.

To view these sample reports, you'll need the free Adobe® Reader®.
Click here to download the latest version.

TTI Success Insights Collection® -- Behaviors: The How

Knowledge is the biggest modifier of behavior. With the results from a behavioral assessment, individuals can learn to understand, appreciate and adapt their behavioral style. Based on the DISC theory, behavior is measured in four dimensions; dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. The results will enhance the hiring process by revealing how an individual will perform and empower individuals to communicate effectively through behavioral coaching.

SI - Behaviors and Motivators - General
SI - Behaviors and Motivators - Sales
SI - Behaviors and Motivators - Executive
SI - Team Building
SI - Customer Service
SI - Career Planning Insights

TTI Success Insights Collection® -- Values/Motivators: The Why

As a window through which we view the world, values are the drivers of our behavior, or what motivates our actions. Values are measured in six areas; theoretical, utilitarian, aesthetic, social, individualistic and traditional. With the knowledge of values, you can encourage employees in a way that satisfies their inner drive right from the start. The results will benefit both hiring and coaching initiatives by revealing why an individual acts the way they do, or what motivates their behavior.

SI – Workplace Motivators
SI – Personal Motivation and Engagement Version

Sales Skills Index™

The Sales Skills Index presents questions that portray “real life” sales situations. Each situation has four alternative ways to be handled. Respondents are given the opportunity to rank the four alternatives from “best” to “worst”. By comparing their responses with those of proven top sales professionals, a report is generated showing strengths, weaknesses and how well they understood sales strategy in seven categories.

The Sales Skills Index covers seven different steps in the sales process:
* Prospecting
* First Impressions
* Qualifying
* Demonstrations
* Influence
* Close
* General

Sales Skill Index


Based on a unique 37-factor analysis, the TriMetrix® System reveals a person’s specific traits in three areas that describe the how, why and what of individual performance. This is accomplished through an unbiased assessment of the Behaviors people bring to the job, the Values that motivate people to do a job, and their potential to provide the personal Skills required by the job. As a job benchmarking tool, the same three areas are used to measure the requirements of the job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and create the best job fit. With all of the components in the TriMetrix System, this powerful tool ensures that you will hire, develop and retain top talent.

TriMetrix– Job
TriMetrix– Multi Respondent Job Plus
TriMetrix– Talent
TriMetrix– Coaching Report – General
TriMetrix– Coaching Report – Executive
TriMetrix– Coaching Report – Sales

TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory (PTSI)®

The Personal Talent Skills Inventory (PTSI)is unique in its ability to assess an individual’s cognitive structure, focusing on three dimensions of thought used in the process of thinking:

Systematic: the dimension of ideas, thinking and structure. Systems judgment and self direction are measured.
Extrinsic: the dimension of things, doing and events. Practical thinking and role awareness are measured.
Intrinsic: the dimension of people, feelings and self awareness. Empathetic outlook and sense of self are measured.

Along with the three dimensions of thought, the PTSI has a direct relationship with mathematics, which is unlike other instruments of its kind. This is the secret behind its ability to measure the core dimensions of how we think. The result is an accurate ranking of PERSONAL TALENT SKILLS describing individual potential for workplace performance

PTSI General Employment
PTSI Sales Management
PTSI Sales
PTSI Customer Service
PTSI Coaching


TTI Success Insights Collection and TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory are a registered trademarks of Target Training International. Sales Skill Index and TTI DNA are trademarked by Target Training International. Trimetrix is a registered trademark of Target Training International and Performance Benchmarking, Inc.

See what some satisfied customers have to say...

"As the owner of a mid-size cleaning company, we find The Steering Group and the Orion System valuable tools in our hiring decisions. Before, our hiring process was typically just "answer questions" and "check references". With The Steering Group, if the Opinion Survey comes back badly, we know we need to walk away from that applicant. When we let our guard down and say "lets give this one a try", 9 out of 10 times we should have gone with the survey results."

"Bill often adds his comments to some applicant reports after he reviews them. I know he has my best interests in mind. I have never personally met Bill, but he has helped my business become the success that it is and I am proud to say I have a great staff and often have staff return to my employ after leaving to pursue other things. Bill knows his stuff and any service based business is losing money by not using Bill and the Orion System."
-V.B. - Doylestown, PA

"We have found The Steering Group to be extremely helpful in developing a better hiring process for new employees. Once we started using assessments we had excellent results. Bill Gelderman has been very helpful in training us on how to use the tools."
-P.C. Atlanta, GA

"Not only do we receive excellent insight by including the assessments into our hiring process but Bill Gelderman's sincere commitment to helping those he works with is what makes The Steering Group an invaluable asset to our company. Thanks Bill."
-M.M. Pasadena, CA

"If used correctly, the assessment tool takes the guess work out of employee recruiting & hiring. It also makes the entire process more efficient and much easier to delegate to middle level management. The Steering Group and especially Bill Gelderman provide valuable insights and feedback on a regular basis. They are always looking out for us. I am very pleased and have recommended this process to all of my colleagues."
-B.O. – Atlanta, GA

"The Steering Group has helped us become much more effective in objectively evaluating key job candidates, at different levels, to ensure that we are making every effort to hire people who possess the potential to be excellent long term employees. We now rely much less on intuition and much more on objective standards when making these critical decisions. We have had sufficient experience with The Steering Group to know that its services provide tremendously valuable HR tools for our operating business, allowing us to move forward with more confidence and speed when we find a candidate who fits The Arbor Company employee profile, which The Steering Group, Inc. helped develop."
-E.T. Atlanta, GA

"I have not had a theft complaint since I stared using the Orion Survey. And, only one applicant that has passed my criteria on Orion (on theft risk) has been flagged for any criminal background history. For that one person, it happened 15 years ago and he also disclosed it on his application. Prior to Orion I was running at about 10% of applicants flagged. Thanks for making my nightmares go away!"
-R.Q. West Palm Beach, FL

“…The Steering Group/Bill Gelderman has been extremely attentive to our needs over the past several years. From benchmarking job skills and requirements to assessing current and future colleagues, Bill has provided us with the kind of advice that has kept us from making some poor hiring decisions…not to mention assisting us with counseling present employees. And, he has been a pleasure to work with.”
-C.S. Durham, NC

Orion Systems

Improve Your Odds for Getting Good Employees

Use the Orion Pre-Employment Opinion Survey for Cleaning Services

The Orion Opinion Survey examines job-related attitudes your applicants will bring with them to your work environment.

It reliably measures attitudes toward:

  • Work
  • Supervision
  • Drug Use
  • Theft
  • Customer Service
  • Safety

Don't Let a Bad Hire Cost You Customers

Measure Undesirable Attitudes and Avoid the Wrong Applicant

  • Up to 80% of turnover is due to mistakes in hiring
  • Employee theft costs businesses billions each year
  • Costs for drug-related absenteeism, health and worker compensation costs are in excess of $50 billion dollars a year
  • Hiring, training and getting an hourly worker productive costs 15 - 40% of their annualized wage
  • Not all applicants are right for the job. Some have trouble with tardiness, absenteeism or supervision. Others have theft and drug problems, poor customer service attitudes.

Choose the Orion Opinion Survey to Hire The Right Attitude

  • Administration time ranges from 20 to 25 minutes with results obtained online in 5 to 7 minutes.
  • It is available in English and Spanish versions.
  • It provides an objective information-gathering service and offers advantages over traditional methods by focusing on key work-related issues.
  • The Orion is lower cost than traditional methods.

The ORION PE profile is organized in three parts and assesses the applicant's integrity.

Attitudinal Scales Section

  • Evaluates your applicant's attitudes in key areas of concern
  • Includes a Validity Index: Low Risk, Marginal Risk or High Risk to advise you of the the applicant's conscious or subconscious attempt to alter the results of the survey

Self Assessment Section

Identifies critical areas to probe during the interview.

  • Asks questions relating to the applicant's actions in previous jobs
  • Determines what work activities the applicant likes or dislikes

Post Survey Interview Section

  • Identifies the assessment questions that the applicant didn't respond to in the most desirable manner
  • Suggests specific questions to be covered thoroughly during the follow-up interview

The Post Survey Interview Section will make novice interviewers better and help experienced interviewers conduct thorough interviews quickly.

Don't waste another minute wondering if hiring that applicant is a good idea. Improve your odds with the Orion Opinion Survey.

Click here for a sample Orion Report. Then call Bill Gelderman at 800-405-3068.


We've put together a few resources that we thought you might find helpful.


Introducing Improving Human Capital

Improving Human Capital (IHC) is a globally experienced Human Resources consulting firm which provides improvement in all major areas of Human Resources. IHC will work with your company, anywhere in the world, as an extension of your HR department or as a full service, outsourced HR department. Through our many associates, we are able to offer advice, implementation, and resolution of any problem that you may have relating to your employees or management team. We can quickly and accurately assess your needs and implement the most appropriate HR solutions, allowing you to move your company forward by concentrating on your core competencies.

Founder and owner, Stewart Lacy says, “At IHC we recognize that one size does not fit all. As a human resources consulting firm, we specialize in small to medium-sized organizations, in order to deliver measurable results.” We are a team of expert associates with proven skills. However, you will be assigned a specific partner who will know your business and be familiar with your strategic business plan. That person will manage every project for your company. They will bring in various specialists as needed so you will get “two (or three or four) for the price of one.” Our goal is to deliver real VALUE and to maximize your investment, while improving your human resource capabilities with measurable results.

The benefits of using our services for your company will be an obvious renewed commitment of your employees to your company demonstrated by reduction in employee turnover. We will help you attract, motivate, develop and retain the best employees to assure the accomplishment of your strategic business plan, and ultimately, generate more profit for your firm!



Quadrant Group

Introducing Quadrant Group

Business consulting for when you are ready to get out of your own way….

Quadrant Group is a business consulting group with a focus on improving the personal and financial performance of you and your team. Our experience and background enables us to:

* Quickly diagnose the root causes of a problem
* Provide unbiased, unfiltered feedback
* Recommend appropriate options and changes
* Guide you through the implementation of solution

We have found that our most successful clients share a common trait – the ability to get out of their own way.

Business Owners and Executives share many traits – drive, intelligence, and confidence are just a few. However, along with the good, comes the not so good – stubbornness, reluctance to ask for help, and the inability to delegate (since nobody can do it as well I can!) are the Yin to the Yang. I know, because I have been there, and I have seen it in hundreds of businesses.

We believe:

* The reason for business is Sales.
* Without Sales, there is no business.
* The company culture has a direct effect on Sales.
* The lack of effective leadership in a company has a negative impact on Sales.
* Management is always part of the problem.

“My revenues are up 72% over last year! Kevin has a refreshing no-nonsense approach, and his straight forward style gets to the root of the problem very quickly.”

James Sanford, President – E-tech Software

“Our company grew by 62% in 2006 and I feel with Kevin’s guidance, we will continue to grow even more.”

Kevin Copeland, President – JustTrashIt!

If you are truly interested increasing sales, improving profits, and taking your business to the next level, please call us to schedule an initial consultation. There is no charge for this meeting and you will absolutely gain some ideas that will help your business. To schedule a consultation, contact Barbara Hanville at 770.277.2212 or .



Introducing WorkEnders, Inc.

The most comprehensive resource for building a substantial, successful and profitable residential cleaning business – GUARANTEED!

Gary Goranson has built several businesses in direct sales, retail, automotive aftermarket services and, since 1991, the residential cleaning business. He has packaged more than 45 years of trial and error business experience into one jam-packed 11-hour seminar series consisting of 37 sessions on 4 CD ROMs. Since he began offering his House Cleaning Biz 101 program in early 2003, nearly 2,500 companies and individuals in 49 countries have implemented his business-building knowhow to help them become the premier residential cleaning business in their hometown markets.

While the House Cleaning Biz 101 program is a must for anyone wanting to start this type of business, more than 70% of Gary’s clients are people already in the business – some of them for many, many years. In fact, many of his customers are people who invested a lot of money to buy a franchise. Why? Because the program offers successful management and business-building principles not found anywhere else . . . and because they don’t want to spend 45 years and the tens of thousands of dollars that Gary has invested to learn what he shares in House Cleaning Biz 101.

Anyone who is dead serious about growing their residential cleaning business bigger, faster and more successfully, check out


We're here to help you succeed.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you personally to explain how the use of proven assessments can transform the way you choose and manage your teams and to answer any questions you might have. Contact us at your earliest convenience and you'll see the difference we can make.

Ask about a complimentary assessment, allowing you to experience the power of these tools yourself.


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